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A & B Plastics and Fabrication is the primer plastic retailer, and fabricator in Corpus Christi, TX. Our experienced team can provide knowledgeable solutions to all of your plastic needs. Be it custom displays, boat wind shields, or specialty plastic parts,   A & B Plastics is the place. We provide fast and reliable service you can trust. No job is too big or too small.

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4917 Gemini Street Corpus Christi, TX 78405
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These are the brands and products we carry AC-300 / AC-350 (AntiStatic Coated Acrylic), ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene), Absylux CN (conductive ABS), Absylux SD (anti-static ABS) Acetal (PolyOxy-Methylene), Acetal (25% Glass Reinforced), Acetal Copolymer, Acetron GP (general purpose acetal), Acrylic (Cast) Acrylic (Extruded), Ardel (Polyarylate), AvaSpire PAEK, CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride), Celanex (PBT-Polyester) Celazole PBI (PolyBenzImidazole) Celazole T-Series (PEEK-PBI Blends), Celcon (Acetal CopolymerCeramic, Machinable CIP Industrial Composites (laminates), DuPont Cirlex (Polyimide Film), Corzan 4910 CPVC (FM4910 fire-retardant CPVC), Delrin (acetal homopolymer) Delrin AF (PTFE-filled acetal homopolymer), Door Strip (flexible vinyl - clear & colored available), Duratron (High-Temperature Product Family), Duratron D PI (PolyImide Product Family), Duratron D7000 (unfilled PI) Duratron D7015G (15% Graphite-Filled PI), Duratron T PAI Electrical Grades, Duratron T PAI Bearing Grades, Duratron T PAI Glass-Reinforced Grades, Duratron T PAI Carbon-Reinforced Grades Duratron T4203 (Extruded Electrical Grade PAI), Duratron T4275 (Compression Molded Bearing Grade PAI), Duratron T4301 (Extruded Bearing Grade PAI), Duratron T4435 (Compression Molded Bearing Grade PAI), Duratron T4501 (Compression Molded Bearing Grade PAI) Duratron T4503 (Compression Molded Electrical Grade PAI), Duratron T5030 (Extruded Glass-Reinforced PAI), Duratron T5530 (Compression Molded Glass-Reinforced PAI), Duratron T7130 (Extruded Carbon-Reinforced PAI) Duratron T7530 (Compression Molded Carbon-Reinforced PAI), Duratron U PEI (Product Family), Duratron U1000 (unfilled PEI), Duratron U2100 (10% Glass-Reinforced PEI), Duratron U2200 (20% Glass-Reinforced PEI) Duratron U2300 (30% Glass-Reinforced PEI), Durostone (fiberglass reinforced plastic), ECTFE (Ethylene-ChloroTriFluoroEthylene), Ensicar (Polycarbonate), Ensifide (PPS), Ensifide GF 40 (PPS - 40% Glass Reinforced) Ensilon (Cast Nylon), Ensital (Acetal Copolymer), EPM-2204U-W Ceramic-Filled PEEK, Ertalyte (PET-Polyester), ETFE (Ethylene-TetrafluoroEthylene), FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, FlameTec (FM4910 fire-retardant products), Fluorosint (filled PTFE), Fortron PPS (PolyPhenylene Sulfide - unfilled), G-3 (Phenolic Industrial Laminate) G-5 (Melamine Industrial Laminate), G-7 (Silicone Industrial Laminate), G-9 (Melamine Industrial Laminate), G-10 (Epoxy Industrial Laminate), G-10 HT (Epoxy Industrial Laminate) G-11 (Epoxy Industrial Laminate), G-30 (Polyimide Industrial Laminate), HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), HTP 800 (FM4910 fire retardant clear PVC), Halar (ECTFE - Ethylene-ChloroTriFluoroEthylene) HiMod 913,914 (bearing grade PPS, PEEK), Hydel ASD, Hydel PC-7 (static dissipative Polycarbonate), Hydel PEI-7 (static dissipative Polyetherimide), Hydex 4101 (PBT-Polyester) Hydex 105-16 , Hydlar Z (Kevlar-filled Nylon), Imidex (Polyimide Film), Isoplast (Polyurethane), Kadel (Polyketone), DuPont Kapton (Polyimide Film), Kel-F , Ketron HPV (bearing grade PEEK), Krefine ESD PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone) Kydex (Acrylic-PVC alloy), Kynar (PVDF - PolyVinyliDene Fluoride), Kynar CN (conductive PVDF), LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), Laminates, Industrial, Lennite (UHMW), Lennite CN (conductive UHMW), Lexan , LubX C (lubricated UHMW), Lucite Macor (Machinable Glass Ceramic), Macrolon , MC901 (cast Nylon), MC907 (cast Nylon), Meldin (Polyimide), MGC (Machinable Glass Ceramic), Mylar (PET-Polyester Film), Nolu-S , Noryl (Polyphenylene Oxide & Styrene), Noryl (30% Glass Reinforced) Nylatron GS (filled extruded Nylon), Nylatron GSM (filled cast Nylon), Nylatron GSM Blue (filled cast Nylon), Nylatron NSM (filled cast Nylon), Nyloil (filled cast Nylon), Nyloil FG (food-grade filled cast Nylon), Nyloil MDX (filled cast Nylon), Nylon 6 (Cast - Natural), Nylon (Cast - Blue) Nylon (Cast - MDS), Nylon (Cast - Oil Impregnated), Nylon 6/6 (Extruded - Natural), Nylon (Extruded - MDS), Nylon (Extruded - 30% Glass Reinforced), PAES, PAI PAS PolyArylSulfone, PBI, PBI T-Series (PEEK-PBI Blends), PBT-Polyester, PC-7, PC-300 / PC-350 (AntiStatic Coated Polycarbonate), PCTFE (formerly known as Kel-F ), PEEK (PolyEtherEther Ketone) Virgin Tube Stock (Victrex 450G) PEEK (PolyEtherEther Ketone) Virgin, PEEK (30% Glass Reinforced), PEEK (30% Carbon Reinforced), PEEK, Ceramic-Filled, PEEK HPV (bearing grade), PEEK HT (High Temperature), PEEK-LSG (Medical), PEEK-CA30 LSG (Medical) PEEK-GF30 LSG (Medical), PEEK-CLASSIX LSG (Medical), PEEK T-Series (PEEK-PBI Blends), PEI (PolyEtherImide), PEI-7, PESU, PES CN (conductive PolyEtherSulfone), PETG, PET-Polyester PFA (PTFE and PerFluoroAlkoxy copolymer), PPO, PPS (PolyPhenylene Sulfide - unfilled), PSU, PS, PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene - unfilled / Virgin), PTFE (25% Carbon Reinforced PTFE), PTFE (25% Glass Reinforced PTFE), PTFE - filled PTFE - filled, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PVC-300 / PVC-350 (AntiStatic Coated PVC), PVDF (PolyVinyliDene Fluoride), PVDF CN (conductive PVDF), ParMax SRP, Phenolic C,CE (Canvas-based Industrial Laminates), Phenolic G-3,G-5,G-7,G-9,G-10,G-11 (Epoxy Industrial Laminates), Phenolic L,LE (Linen-based Industrial Laminates) Phenolic X,XX,XXX,XP,XXXP,XXXP,XXXPC (Paper-based Industrial Laminates), Plavis (Polyimide), Plexiglas , PolyAmide-Imide, PolyAmide-Imide, PolyArylEtherSulfone, Polyarylate, PolyArylSulfone, PolyBenzImidazole Polycarbonate, Polycarbonate (10% Glass Reinforced), Polycarbonate (20% Glass Reinforced), Polycarbonate (30% Glass Reinforced), Polycarbonate (40% Glass Reinforced), Polyester, PolyEtherEther Ketone, PolyEtherImide PolyEtherSulfone, Polyethylene (HDPE - High Density), Polyethylene (LDPE - Low Density), Polyethylene (UHMW - Ultra High Molecular Weight), Polyimide, Polyketone, Polymethylpentene Polyphenylene Oxide, Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS - unfilled), Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS - filled), PolyPhenylSulfone, Polypropylene, Polypropylene (heat stabilized), Polystone P MG (heat stabilized medical grade Polypropylene) Polystyrene, Polystyrene (Hi Impact), Polystyrene (Cross-Linked), Polysulfone, Polyurethane, Pomalux (acetal), Pomalux CN (conductive Acetal copolymer), Pomalux SD (anti-static Acetal copolymer), Propylux CN (conductive Polypropylene), Propylux HS (heat stabilized medical grade Polypropylene), Propylux SD (anti-static Polypropylene) Proteus LSG (heat stabilized medical grade Polypropylene), QuickSilver Truck & Hopper Liner Systems, Radel A (unfilled - PolyEtherSulfone / PolyArylSulfone), Radel A (30% glass-filled - PolyEtherSulfone / PolyArylSulfone), Radel R (PolyArylEtherSulfone / PolyPhenylSulfone), Rexolite (Cross-Linked Polystyrene) Rika Lite ASC-HP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), Rulon (filled PTFE), Rynite, Ryton (PPS - Bearing Grade), Ryton (PPS - 40% Glass Reinforced), Semitron CMP LL5, Semitron CMP XL20, Semitron ESd 225 (anti-static Acetal), Semitron ESd 410C (conductive PolyEtherImide / Ultem ), Semitron ESd 420 (static dissipative PolyEtherImide / Ultem ), Semitron ESd 480 (anti-static reinforced PEEK), Semitron ESd 490HR (anti-static reinforced PEEK) Semitron ESd 500HR (anti-static reinforced PTFE), Semitron ESd 520HR (anti-static reinforced PAI / Torlon ), Semitron MDS 100, Semitron MP 370, Semitron MPR 1000, Sintimid (Polyimide / Polyamide-imide), Spectar PETG Sustarin (acetal), Sustarin C MDT (metal-detectable acetal), T-Series by Celazole (PEEK-PBI Blends), T-Series PBI (PEEK-PBI Blends), T-Series PEEK (PEEK-PBI Blends), TF-60V (glass-filled PEEK-PBI Blend) , TL-60 (lubricant-filled PEEK-PBI Blend) TPX (Polymethylpentene), TU-60 (unfilled PEEK-PBI Blend) , TecaFORM (acetal copolymer - formerly Ensital), TecaFORM HPV 13 (13% PTFE filled acetal copolymer - formerly Ensital), TecaFORM SD (static dissipative acetal - formerly Hydel ASD ESD), TecaMax SRP (self-reinforcing polymer), Tecamid (extruded nylon shapes - formerly Ensilon), Tecamid (unfilled extruded nylon 6/6 - formerly Ensilon), Tecamid GF30 (30% glass reinforced extruded nylon 6/6 - formerly Ensilon) Tecamid HS (heat stabilized extruded nylon 6/6 - formerly Ensilon), Tecamid ST (super tough extruded nylon 6/6 - formerly Ensilon), Tecamid MDS (MoS2 filled extruded nylon 6/6 - formerly Ensilon), Tecanat (extruded polycarbonate - formerly Ensicar), Tecanat GF20 (20% glass filled extruded polycarbonate - formerly Ensicar) Tecanyl MT (Medical), TecaPEEK (unfilled PEEK), TecaPEEK CF30 (carbon-filled), TecaPEEK Classix (medical implant grade), TecaPEEK Classix XRO (medical implant grade, x-ray opaque), TecaPEEK CMF (ceramic-filled), TecaPEEK ELS nano (electrically conductive), TecaPEEK GF30 (glass-filled) TecaPEEK HT (high temp), TecaPEEK MT (medical trial grade), TecaPEEK MT XRO (medical trial grade, x-ray opaque), TecaPEEK MT XP98 (carbon filled), TecaPEEK MT XP98 XRO (carbon filled, x-ray opaque), TecaPEEK PVX (bearing grade), TecaPEEK ST (super temp), TecaPEEK TS (test socket grade), TecaPro MT (heat stabilized medical grade Polypropylene) Tecast Vekton (cast nylon 6 shapes), Tecast Vekton 6PA (unfilled cast nylon 6), Tecast Vekton 6XAU (high temperature and weather resistant cast nylon 6), Tecast Vekton 6PAG (graphite powder-filled cast nylon 6), Tecast Vekton 6PAL (oil impregnated cast nylon 6), Tecast Vekton 6PAM (MoS2 filled cast nylon 6), Tecason P XRO (Medical), Tecator (polyamide-imide - Torlon) Tecatron (PPS), Techtron (unfilled PPS), Techtron HPV (bearing grade PPS, extruded), Techtron PSBG (bearing grade PPS, compression-molded), Techtron PSGF (40% glass-filled PPS), Tefzel (ETFE), Tempalux , Tempalux CN (conductive Ultem PEI) Thermalux , Tivar (UHMW), Tivar 1000 ESD / EC / CleanStat (anti-static and conductive UHMW, Torlon 4203 (Electrical Grade PolyAmide-Imide), Torlon 4301 (Bearing Grade PolyAmide-Imide), Torlon 5530 (30% Glass Reinforced PolyAmide-Imide), Turcite A,X, Turcite HiMod 913,914 Udel (Polysulfone), UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), Ultem 1000 (unfilled / Virgin PolyEtherImide), Ultem 2100 (10% Glass Reinforced PolyEtherImide), Ultem 2200 (20% Glass Reinforced PolyEtherImide), Ultem 2300 (30% Glass Reinforced PolyEtherImide), Urethane, Valox (PBT-Polyester) Vectra LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer), DuPont Vespel (Polyimide), Victrex T-Series, Vinyl (Flexible), Xenoy (PBT & Polycarbonate alloy), Zelux M (machine-grade Polycarbonate), Zelux CN (conductive Polycarbonate) Zelux SD (anti-static Polycarbonate), Zelux W (window-clear Polycarbonate)