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Polycarbonate has high impact properties which out performs other clear and colored materials.  Being virtually unbreakable it is safe in areas where one would expect high impacts or burglaries.  UV stabilized polycarbonate polycarbonate is an excellent glazing material as it performs well in outdoor applications.  Polycarbonte applications include patio roof, motorcycle windshield, tractor windshields, signs, door panels, and greenhouses.  These features, along with its high impact strength, make polycarbonate an excellent choice for security as ballistic applications where protection of assets is a primary concern.


Thickness range for .015 to ½.  Standard sheet size is 48 x 96; however, 60 wide, 72 wide sheets are available in lengths of 120 and 144.   Rolled polycarbonate is available in clear and sign white.  Roll widths 54, 72, and 108 which are cut to desired lengths.  Twinwall polycarbonate offers high impact resistance, excellent heat retention and 80% light transmission at a reasonable price.


Polycarbonate sheets are available in clear, sign white, tinted and some colors.  Frosted, textured, and opaque are available.

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